Our range of products

High-end products adaptable to all vehicles.




Adapt the running surface by means of the tyre pressure.

The remote inflation systems can be adapted to all types of vehicles, whether they are moving or stationary.

The GRA is the automatic in-motion control for drivers who have to deal with frequent terrain changes. The system is set up to change pressure quickly by simply pressing buttons related to the type of terrain and the vehicle's load level.

The GRP is the programmable in-motion control with a touchscreen for users who want to control tire pressure by axle or wheel and by the pressure range they define.

The GRC is the innovative connected in-motion control managed by smartphone application and dedicated to users used to off-roading.

For specific needs, TELEFLOW has developed the GCAa system that adjusts the tire pressure of a stationary vehicle using stretch hoses and a centralized control unit.