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Soil cultivation, our DNA since 1993

The initial idea for the TELEFLOW remote control system came from a simple but essential need in the agricultural sector: to limit soil compaction when tractors and agricultural vehicles pass through the fields.

Farmers know that soil acidity and soil compaction are at the top of the list of factors limiting production yields.

It is therefore essential for wise farmers to use a system that allows tyre pressure to be varied while the vehicle is in motion, allowing the pressure to be adjusted according to immediate need.

The reduction of ground sinking is made possible by deflating the tyres, which allows the increase of the footprint area, thus reducing the concentration of weight on a small area.

The passage of heavy vehicles such as combine harvesters, tractors with trailers in wet weather conditions and without mass distribution solution compacts the soil, water infiltrates more slowly, a lack of nitrogen appears and yields decrease.

The system allows for rapid inflation. The operator saves time, comfort and mobility when changing from soft ground at low pressure to asphalt where the pressure must be higher to avoid damaging the tyres and to ensure appropriate fuel consumption.