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Soil cultivation, our DNA since 1993

The initial idea for the TELEFLOW inflation system came from a simple but essential need in the agricultural sector: to limit soil compaction when tractors and agricultural vehicles pass through the fields.

The passage of heavy vehicles in wet weather conditions can compact cultivated soil. As a result, water infiltrates more slowly, nitrogen deficiency occurs and yields fall.

Farmers know that acidity as well as compaction are at the top of the list of factors leading to lower production and hence yields.

Soil compaction can be reduced by deflating the tires, thus varying the ground contact area of the tires and spreading the load over a wider area.

For the farmer in the know, it is therefore essential to use a system that can vary the pressure of the vehicle's tires while in motion, and adapt quickly to the type of soil encountered.

Remote inflation saves the operator time, comfort and mobility when switching from soft ground at low pressure to asphalt at high pressure, thus avoiding tire damage and ensuring appropriate fuel consumption.