1500 military vehicles equipped each year

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In service on all continents

The CTIS TELEFLOW has proven for many years its ability to be integrated on any type of military vehicle in order to improve its mobility and thus ensure the safety of units deployed on any type of terrain, road, sand, field, track, mud ... difficult terrain and different surfaces.

By using an Automated Rolling Inflation System (ARS), the engagement of combat (MRAP, AFV, IFV)*, transport (APC)*, or logistics vehicles in the field is facilitated by adapting tyre pressure wheel by wheel, axle by axle, to the terrain conditions, payload and speed of the vehicle. Our tire pressure variation management system can be easily installed on 4×4, 6×6, and 8×8 or more vehicles as required.

The factory setting of the pressure ranges allows simple action by the pilot for a quick and appropriate response from the system, without affecting its concentration. Ensuring greater ease of travel is not the only advantage in the operational preparation phase. The reduction of the risk of punctures, the improvement of the life of tires and train bearings is to be taken into consideration as well as the reduction of fuel consumption. Greater mobility of units is an essential advantage in the face of opposing forces, and economy of means is a guarantee of endurance. For mission-related discretion, the black-out mode allows navigation on the console in complete darkness and silent valves have been designed to limit noise emissions.

Military vehicle
Military vehicle

The patented TELEFLOW valves can be adapted to any type of rim to meet the installation expectations of the manufacturers. The ISO certified GRA system, and its IP67 and IP68 sealing, confirm our technical know-how and the reliability of a robust product adapted to severe conditions of use.

Integrated on military vehicles from around the world, our system is suitable for combat vehicles as well as tactical and logistics vehicles.

We are proud to support defence manufacturers to enable the design of a finished product that meets the technological requirements of the armed forces and civil security. Whether inflating while rolling or stopped, programmable or automatic, we support our customers to best meet operational and installation requirements.

*MRAP: Mine Resistant - Ambush Protected / Véhicule résistant aux mines et protégé des ambushes
AFV : Armoured Fighting Vehicle / Véhicule Blindé de Combat
IFV : Infantry Fighting Vehicle / Véhicule de Combat d'Infanterie
APC: Armoured Personal Carrier / Véhicule Blindé de Transport de Troupe (Armoured Personnel Carrier)