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Civil security is the public service for organizing relief and crisis management. Its purpose is to prevent risks, inform and alert the population and protect people, property and the environment against natural and/or non-natural incidents. The intervention can take place after the event. The operational teams intervene throughout the national territory and have the capacity to provide support at the international level (fire service, personal assistance, disaster relief). The majority of countries in the world have these forces necessary to maintain the security of infrastructures and populations.

The strength of the units that make it up lies mainly in their adaptability to the various interventions entrusted to them. This adaptability is taken into account when specifying the means that must equip these rescuers, particularly their vehicles.

civil protection vehicle
civil protection vehicle

TELEFLOW is developing a range of products that enable vehicles equipped with the system to respond instantly to the complex situations they encounter. The remote inflation system (CTIS) enables the pressure of the vehicle's tyres to be adapted to the different terrains on which they are operating during operations. The rapid change from hard, stable ground to soft ground, from asphalt to sand or mud, results in a significantly different dynamic behaviour of both heavy and light vehicles. Controlling and adjusting the pressure of the tyres in motion thanks to the Automatic Rolling Inflation system (ARIS) makes it possible to maintain optimised traction according to variations in the terrain (road, track, sand), speed and the load being transported (people, equipment, victims, full or empty tank, etc.).

In addition to improved mobility thanks to this increased traction, the TELEFLOW system ensures safe intervention thanks to overspeed warning, detection and compensation of punctures.

The simple integration of a remote inflation system adapted to all types of vehicles allows manufacturers and bodybuilders to improve the movement capacities of vehicles as soon as they go into series production. Public authorities can therefore save the potential of disproportionate (heavier and more expensive) vehicles such as helicopters or tracked vehicles. This is why many SDIS (Departmental Fire and Rescue Services) have long since adopted TELEFLOW systems on board their vehicles, to the great satisfaction of their equipment managers.